Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Epiphany

As some of you found out last night, I had quite the intense epiphany after I wrote my last blog post. I sort of discovered that I have been taking human connection for granted. That I've come in contact with so many people that have touched my life. And yet if they didn't actively contribute to my life at all, they would eventually fade away, of no fault of their own. I didn't appreciate what those connections did to my life and how they shaped me. Even my friends were sort of falling off the map. So now I'm on a sort of quest to find all those people I've let fall away and re-connect with them.

I am also on a quest to meet new people and not be so shallow about who I interact with. So many people have so much to offer and I really lost track of that. So now I won't refuse any offer to meet anyone new or at least talk to anyone that wants to talk to me for who knows what reason, haha.

But I digress.

I have also hurt people in the process of my selfishness, and that I can assure you won't happen again. Now it is time to reconnect to my past. Not for the sake of holding onto the past, but to forge ahead into a new future with those I really do care about.

If you think you might be someone I have lost touch with, please feel free to get back in touch with me, I have a lot of work to do reconnecting, so feel free to give me a boost! Anyways, I'll post more on this later as I progress through this new way of life. I'm looking forward to what this will bring.

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